Testimonials for The Great Pretender

As with all quality brands we rely upon, and are justifiably proud of our reputation. We have built up over the years a wonderfully loyal and stisfied client base, and as such 'word of mouth' and personal endorsements have become priceless to us.

So, for all our new and potential clients, we thought you'd like to hear from some of our existing ones.....


We came to watch you at Barnstone Country Club last night. We thought you were fantastic and we will be seeing you again. An incredible show, I could not believe it, you would forget yourself and think that you were actually watching freddie mercury. Thank you for keeping his spirit alive. Brilliant.

Shaun & Samantha Fraser - Melton

Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your show on Thursday night at the Rock & Blues Festival.
The wife & I both thought you and the band did a fantastic job, even though we couldn't get down to the front!!
Lol - England

We have spent ages on the internet looking for Queen tribute bands and you are without doubt the best soundalike, lookalike and the most flamboyant!
Dr Jayne Ward

What can we say??? What an absolutely stunning performance!!!
We feel like we went to see Queen themselves last night and came out singing and on a real high.
Well done for putting on such an amazing, exciting, thrilling show! 'The Show Must Go On' brought a tear to my eye and 'Bohemian Rhapsody' was incredible.

Jayne and Phil Olden - Birmingham

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your Great Pretender performance. You are a great showman, as was Freddie, and we shall defintely come and see you again. We thought that you captured all aspects of Freddie perfectly and the humour you injected into the performance took it to another level.

Elizabeth (Queen Fan) - Leeds

What a fab night we all had. I have seen a few Queen tribute bands and Great Pretender has to be the best around. Being a huge Queen fan I am very hard to please but last Friday was a night to remember. I'm sure if Freddie was still here he would have said " Well darlings if you can't have me here is the next best thing!"

Tess Hutton - Poole

Steve as Freddie, brilliant, so real, didn't feel much pretending going on.
The show was rocking from the first to the last, a really vital performance.
Look forward to seeing you loads more in the future, a hot date not to miss!
Jayne Cox - Poole

The best tribute act I have ever seen and we have a different act each week. It was like watching a Queen video! This man takes Freddie off to a tee. Hope to have you back here soon, keep up the good work!
Glen Smith - New Barbados Club - Guernsey

We saw you at The Hilton, Norwich in February. What can we say....OUTSTANDING!
Diane and Nick - Norfolk

Just back from the Winter Gardens gig. You were great. Brilliant!! You were Freddie, you rocked us, you are The Champion! Still buzzing, come back soon.........
Jane - Cleethorpes

....FANTASTIC! I didn't see all of the show due to other commitments but I definately will next time!
I will be giving you a glowing recommendation on the Radio show.
Graham Marshall - Rush Radio FM - Sheffield

Fantastic gig .... very inspiriational to me as a musician and as a person who was never able to see Freddie live.....nice one!
James Oliver - Hull

WOW !!! you were good!
The whole of the Sheffield Queen Fan Club were impressed. We have seen many Freddie tributes and yours was certainly one of the best.
One of the reasons was your choice of songs,we loved them!
Thanks again for a great show.
Please let us know when you are in Sheffield again, you will get a warm welcome.
David - Queen fan club - Sheffield

My friends and I are all members of the Queen fan club and go to the convention every year and have seen many Queen tribute bands.I'm happy to say that your show is up there with the best.
Kevin Henry -Queen Fan Club - Sheffield

I saw your Stage Show in Leicester, we had an amazing night. My Dad loves Queen, and he said that you were the best Queen band Hed ever seen! Were now coming to see you in Poole in 2004.
Stewart Taylor - Gosport

We had tickets to see Queen when they played at Sun City in South Africa.
Unfortunately our show was cancelled as Freddie had just started to become ill.... Your performance was really fantastic and definitely relieved the disappointment of never seeing Freddie live.

Christine and Mike Wilson - Stoke