Steve Nelson - 'Nelly' - Musical Director - Keyboards & Vocals

Steve Nelson - 'Nelly'

Steve was a childhood prodigy on the organ and at the age of 14 he became a professional demonstrator as ‘The Fingers of Yamaha’

Having mastered the Keyboards, ‘gadget boy’ then devoted himself to all things Hi-tech. Steve is a true child of the digital age and spends most of his time programming, surfing, or simply talking to himself on his mobile phones.

Steve has recently been diagnosed as a ’textoholic’ and has had to have a thumb transplant. He has since leaned to play the keyboards with his feet....we think its an improvement!

Steve was recently voted ‘Facebooker of the year’ He has over 6 billion online friends but sadly as yet, no real ones. He has recently been confined to bed with ‘Satin Rash’ which can be very nasty if left untreated. Symptoms include uncontrollable bouncing up and down behind a keyboard and a complete lack of musical taste. We’re confident that a couple of weeks in Denim underpants should sort him out.


Lara Croft, Lager, Crap jokes




Key changes, Sitting still, Doing one thing at a time




Steve has invented his own facial scrub which he uses twice daily. It is said to be derived from organic goat extract and the acid from old laptop batteries.