Mark Hilton - Drums and Vocals

Mark Hilton

Mark hails from Stoke - On –Trent, the home of Robbie Williams!
He actually knows a lot of the Robster’s old friends and loves nothing better than to round up the old gang for a good old catch up.
Sadly, over the years Mark has had to give up many of his hobbies including climbing, cycling and diving, due to falls. He fell off a mountain, fell off his bike and even fell out of the sea and got the bends!
He has subsequently been diagnosed with the psychological disorder ‘Convulsive Lurching and Unpredictable Muscular Spasmodic Incidents Syndrome. C.L.U.M.S.I.S often causes him to bump into expensive musical equipment for no explicable reason !
Mark’s big love is of course is Drums!...big Drums!...He has a lot of them!
He recently donated some of his old drum cases to a local housing association who have turned them into one bedroom flats!


Fairy Lights, Corporal Punishment, Motorway Shops




Two Letter Words, Passports, Drum Dots




Mark is a fully qualified pilot and as far as we know has never bumped into, knocked over or stamped on another plane!