Dayle Thompson - Bass Guitar & Vocals

Dayle Thompson

Dayle joined the band back in 2007. ‘The missing link’. As a boy he attended the same school as, and studied music with, Steve Nelson. They apparently spent many a happy hour tinkering on each other's organ.

Not only is Dayle proficient on Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums and Trombone, he can also make rude noises with his hands! Dayle has spent so many years entertaining on Cruise ships that to this day, he still sways when he walks and insists on wearing a life jacket backstage at all times.

Dayle is married and has a daughter. He initially struggled to lose the extra weight after the pregnancy but then discovered the ‘Les Paul’ diet. Followers are encouraged to spend all of their money on guitars and so can’t afford to eat!
Dayle’s old clothes are now far too big for him and so he’s taken to wearing Brian Rock’s cast offs….and his wig!

Until recently Dayle had very long hair. Unfortunately he has had to cut it short for health and safety reasons after a bout of Ash die back


Sitting quietly, Smiling, Talking to Pensioners




The Smoking Ban, Stairs, Tight trousers




Dayle has a six feet tall vintage Double Bass. It was made by his Grandad entirely out of match sticks whilst detained as a prisoner of war.